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My garage door reverses after closing half way

This problem may be due to common defects like broken cable, dry rollers, misaligned eyes, worn out springs or bent tracks. Start looking for broken cables and if any are broken, replace them. Specialists at garage door repair Lake Forest suggest that the sensors being misaligned or blocked can also cause this problem. You need to realign them and make sure they are not blocked.

How to prevent damage to garage door track?

Damage to the tracks is possible, if you do not maintain the door properly. Cleaning the tracks regularly with grease removing detergent and soft brush is advised. The rollers too should be cleansed thoroughly and kept dry to prevent rust formation. Loose screws or bolts in the tracks should be tightened securely.

Why is my garage door opener no longer working?

The remote control, which controls the opener, may need a new battery. If you install a new battery and the problem persist, you may need to have a new garage door opener installed. This can be installed by one of the experts of Garage Door Repair Lake Forest.

Why does my opener still run after the door is already closed?

When your opener still runs after the door is done, it just means that the motor still thinks that the door has not reached the floor yet. The most probable reason for this is that the travel limit adjustment is not set correctly. Adjust the DOWN limit to decrease its travel distance.

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