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Use these tips to learn why you should do some things and avoid others to keep safe garage doors

Wooden doors need extra care

If you have wooden garage doors, then they need extra attention from owners. Keep them well painted both inside and outside, and fix any gaps or cracks immediately. Most wooden garage doors are custom built and are comparatively more expensive than regular garage door materials. Maintaining them well is the key to keep it looking great and in perfect working condition.

Update to rolling codes

It has been observed that some thieves actually record the signal of the transmitter. They can replay the same signal later on and easily open the garage door. In case your remote control or transmitter has the feature of rolling code, then the code automatically changes after each use. This prevents misuse of the signals. To get more information, contact Garage Door Repair Company in Lake Forest.

Checking the Weather stripping

Your garage may be separated from the outside world by just a thin piece of rubber along the floor just beneath where the door rests. This strip of rubber is called the weather stripping and with it rain, sleet or snow won't be able to enter your garage. Check if it's already brittle and cracked and have it replaced if necessary.

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